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OFB Launches Treadsmith Board Co.

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We are excited to announce OFB's latest brand creation and ONEFASTCO business venture. Treadsmith Board Co. 

Treadsmith® is a new company and brand we created in late 2011. Snowboards (and soon Skis and apparel) online now at In other words we are doing more of what we often do for clients….design and launch brands.  Treadsmith is another real life expirement we created completely from scratch to prove that good design, good branding and good web tactics can create a GOOD BUSINESS. And do it FAST. Please check out the site and pass along to you anyone you loves snowboarding, but also good design;) Read more to see what we mean.


Treadsmith Board Co is a US-based independent company making hand-forged snowboards with timeless design appeal for riders of any age, gender, race, religion or nationality. Our boards are not mass-produced but rather they are built one at a time only after being ordered. Treadsmith® snowboards are hand-crafted, hand-painted, environmentally supportive, customized to spec for our riders, and built to last for years. We seek to grow our business one rider at a time by selling high performance boards with timeless design aesthetics. If you found Treadsmith Board co, it was because someone told you about us or you happened to stumble upon us via the web. You didn't learn about Treadsmith® from a manipulative advertising campaign, a contrived viral marketing video, a pay-for-play public relations feature, an event sponsorship, or a paid celebrity endorsement. Treadsmith boards are about your ride, not our brand. You also didn't see a giant 3 foot Treadsmith logo on the bottom of one of our boards. We don't do that either. We are about making something good that looks good. Simple as that. 

We don't hate on any of the various types of riding. We make Free-Ride, All-Mountain and Freestyle boards. We just don't understand why a certain look or culture has to be part of those riding styles. We don't plan on sponsoring a team of riders. After all, we don't ride a certain brand of board b/c some dude gets paid to, so why should you. We will spend that money on advancing our technology, improving the sustainability of our materials, and on trips to make tread with you. 

Our Story.

My brother and I have been riding since we were young kids (let's say since the early 1980's). Riding for us is about being in the outdoors, first and foremost. We like to hit the backcountry, enjoy the natural beauty, explore, listen to the silence, feel the cold, go hard, burn our legs out, and ride terrain worth navigating. It's about a starting point, an ending point, and surviving the in-between. It's about looking back up and having that feeling of accomplishment and appreciation for the mountain. We love the Zen of a great carve, holding a clean line on huge fast turn, and that weightless feeling of the transition to the next turn. When you ride well, you feel like a graceful being. For us, it's not about tricks, culture, political statements, iPods, or posing.  It's about connection to living terrain and the experience of making tread that matters with people we care about. Sometimes it's about solitude, too. For us, it's not about fashion, age, music, or seeing ourself on Youtube. By the end of the day we are spent and have no interest in the scene. More like a hot cup of coffee with a shot of bourbon, and a campfire.  

Treadsmith on Design.

Treadsmith is pushing a movement in board sports toward simplicity, elegance and refinement. After all, isn't it about the ride, not about following current fashion trends? We see boards as a simple tool of transport. An elegant tool, in fact, that lets us interact with the mountain fluidly as if we were part of it. I understand part of snowboarding culture has been to use the board as a canvas for graphic designers to express their art and supposedly your individuality. I certainly appreciate graphic design, illustration and other forms of visual art; after all, I have been making a living as an graphic designer for 17 years. But frankly, good design isn't about how much visual crap you can fit in a space. Rather, it's about how much impact you can create and communicate with the least amount of visual elements. I couldn't find timeless design in snowboards so I decided to start making them.  I joke that we are we are literally trying to make BORING snowboards. In fact, we hand-paint our boards to ensure we keep them simple.  This simplicity and use of solid colors put the rider more in tune with the terrain they are riding because the designs compliment nature rather than visually pollute it. Speaking of pollution, we try to use materials from sustainable local sources and our boards are made using hand tools so less energy is consumed.  Our wood veneer and wood cores come from suppliers who are FSC certified. All of the waste within the construction of the boards is recycled and our bases are finished by hand with a final coat of Magic Potion (Eco Friendly Wax). We also support One Percent for the Planet. 

A Request. 

When you ride a Treadsmith® board…..don't ride like a punk. If you are person who doesn't respect the mountain and other people, please buy someone else's board. If you have been graced with a healthy body, strong legs to stand on, enough money to pay for a lift ticket, and a good hot meal, you ought to appreciate the fact that so many people in the world don't have these options. Ride like it's a gift. 

View our boards at

© 2012. The brand name TREADSMITH® is a registered trademark of ONEFASTBUFFALO CORP and a concept by ONEFASTCO. ONEFASTBUFFALO is a US Design Firm specializing in Brand Design. Treadsmith Board Co is one of many brands we have built from scratch. 

  • I like your story. I'm ten and I don't drink coffee but I like being tired at the end of the day.BRAD Will



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