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Native Texan Ben Jenkins is an American designer, brand strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and semi-pro dad, husband, rubberfoot, workamper, surfer, and angler. He founded OneFastBuffalo in 1998 after completing his MFA in Art & Technology at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied new media arts & technology, design, film, philosophy, and current social issues of the American Indian. While attending SAIC he spent time making his thesis film on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. This period of time really screwed up his trust of conventional wisdom and thus the seed idea for Onefastbuffalo was born.

Before this time, Ben studied graphic design and architecture as an undergraduate at Mississippi State University while playing baseball for the Southeastern Conference school. After college, Ben spent time as a Minor League baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies. This is when he started doing freelance design projects to pass the time while sitting in motels and riding in buses. "I love playing ball but I don't like watching soap operas, eating at 711s, and playing poker half the day. I did like the long bus rides from town-to-town though. I had long stretches of time to think on things, sketch ideas, and read. I also saw lots of interesting terrain." To this day, that sense of nomadism and learning remains as the core creative philosophy of the company. "I believe that creative people do not just "have" ideas. I believe we are just better equipped to see and find them. We need to see new things, to have new ideas. So as a company, that is what we do. We get out and experience the world, bring it back to the studio, and then make something new out of it." Read about his 1958 Airstream Mobile Office.

Ben has a passion for creating new brands and helping revitalize old brands. Receiving no previous agency experience before founding OFB, Ben has 15 + years experience working with organizations large and small and has no intention of ending his daily pursuit to progress as a designer. "Making things is what I like to do. I'm not cut out for much else from an employment standpoint. I'd just sit there and re-arrange everything in the place." OneFastBuffalo is a full time endeavor for Ben, but he also enjoys speaking and giving lectures. 

Beyond working with clients via OFB, Ben has also started other successful brands of his own including: Warstic Bat Co, Treadsmith Board Co, Workhaus Lodge, and INDIG. Ben was selected as the 2009 MSU College of Architecture, Art & Design Alumnus of the Year. Ben is married to a kick-arse gal named Jenn whom he met when he was 12. They have 3 sons, Shane, Shepard and Shaw.  He enjoys collecting boots, playing guitars and banjo, camping, surfing/skiing/snowboarding, cooking, drawing & painting, leather-working, all kinds of working out, and playing baseball. He coaches the Warstic Buffaloes Little League Baseball teams and enjoys Airstream trips with his family…dragging them pretty much all around the Northern hemisphere looking for cool junk, hittin every pawn shop from here to Barstow and generally enjoying some slow clean living.






Ben Jenkin's speaking career began in 2013 quite on accident. He was invited to speak at Circles Conference as a replacement for a sick guest speaker. Glamorous right! Thanks for the 2 day heads up! Up until this point he had a few talks given to college students under his belt.  Ben quickly prepared his content and gave the talk to audience of over 500 people. Since then Ben developed the talk into a branded speaking event called LIVE SLOW MAKE FAST and has given the talk over 50 times. " I'm not a very social person by nature so I like doing it. It gets me out of the studio and sharing my perspective with others. I have all kinds incredible new folks to call friends.  I try as best I can to update the talk over time so that its fresh and brings a new experience each time I give it."


The LIVE SLOW MAKE FAST speaking tour is an ever-evolving talk and presentation by Ben Jenkins that has branched into workshops and seminars.  


Live Slow Make Fast 


In his talk Ben discusses his thoughts on how creatives might consider dedicating to the long haul of mastering their craft without leaving their spirit, relationships and health behind. Ben presents concepts for learning to focus on what matters in order to free up time to live and work. Learn why the idea of work-life balance is a myth for the creative person. Ben will reveal the difference between living a creative life that mindfully fuels your work and health vs. living the life of a person in the creative industry. For Ben, living #LSMF not only improved his health, it improved the quality of OFB’s work and brought on the most profitable and enjoyable years in OFB’s 17 year history. This also led to things like living & working half time on the road in a vintage Airstream trailer, limiting OFB’s client work season to 9 months per year, and developing his own brands outside of fee-based client work. 


The Designer as Entrepeneur Workshop


This class is for designers, artists, makers, aspiring entrepreneurs, anyone who is stuck in the garage, and those can’t seem to get into second gear. Leave with a roadmap to personal fulfillment, and some homework. Ben illustrates a roadmap to build your ideas into successful brands. Whether you are switching gears, kicking a new set of tires, or up for inspection, this workshop is filled with tips, tricks, and insights for creatives of all levels.  Identify the best path to get your ideas to market.  Learn best practices to keep the creative engine running clean everyday. Understand how and when to negotiate equity in your client’s ideas. Develop a guide to work/life balance. Build a better business, build a better life. Discover uncanny ways to build better value for clients and customers.



Speaking Events, Workshops & Appearances


Jan 06, 2016 AIGA Nashville / Nashville, Tennesee


Sep 16, 2015 Saint Louis Design Week / St. Louis, Missouri more info >>

Jul 23, 2015 AIGA SF / San Francisco, Califronia more info >>

Jul 18, 2015 AIGA Seattle / Seattle, Washington more info >>

Jun 25, 2015 AIGA Santa Barbara / Goleta, California more info >>

Jun 18, 2015 AIGA Arizona / Tempe, Arizona more info >>

Apr 25, 2015 AIGA Philadelphia / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania more info >>

Apr 24, 2015 AIGA Central PA / Harrisburg, Pennsylvania more info >>

Apr 23, 2015 AIGA Baltimore / Baltimore, Maryland more info >>

Apr 22, 2015 AIGA DC / Washington, DC more info >>

Apr 21, 2015 AIGA Richmond / Richmond, Virginia more info >>

Apr 20, 2015 AIGA Hampton Roads / Norfolk, Virginia more info >>

Feb 26, 2015 AIGA Saint Louis / St. Louis, Missouri more info >>

Jan 22, 2015 AIGA Wichita / Wichita, Kansas more info >>


Oct 16, 2014 AIGA San Antonio / San Antonia, Texas more info >>

Oct 14, 2014 HKS Architecture Conference / Dallas, Texas

Oct 10, 2014 Mississippi State University / Starkville, Mississippi more info >>

Oct 09, 2014 Texas Christian University / Fort Worth, Texas

Oct 08, 2014 AIGA Birmingham / Birmingham, Alabama

Sep 09, 2014 University of Texas / Arlington, Texas

Jul 16, 2014 Major Level Creative Connect Conference / Houston, Texas more info >>

Apr 23, 2014 AIGA Baltimore / Baltimore, Maryland more info >>

Apr 17, 2014 Creative South Conference / Columbia, Georgia more info >>

Feb 20, 2014 AIGA Houston / Houston, Texas more info >>


Sep 19, 2013 Dallas Design Week / Dallas, Texas more info >>

Sep 12, 2013 Circles Conference / Dallas, Texas more info >>

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Through many years of experience, and quite a bit of soul searching, we have found a way to live lives that help us generate our best work. It's why we look so happy in pictures. Our dedication to exploration and being uncomfortable keeps us inspired, constantly expands our world-view, and brings us mindful rest to refuel and rejuvenate our creative thinking. To find the balance between long immersive journeys and having the proper time to craft our work… we limit the number of clients we work with annually to fit within our 9 month work season. We also work hard to work with people who also share a healthy outlook on work and life. Having the right clients (not just big ones) is critical for not just enjoying our work, but generating brands that matter and endure over time. Brand building is mentally draining, in a great way, when you have a healthy working relationship with the people on the other side of the table. We expend all of our energy into making new things for people we work with. It requires trust and aligning what you want out of a partner with who we are. Different firms have different styles, different approaches, different goals, different values, and different definitions of success. We are just plain different on many levels. Finding the right fit can determine a lot about what we can create together. We hope we are a good fit for you. Send us a note and let's find out. We would love to hear about what ideas you need help bringing to life, or reinventing.  


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