OFB Founder Earns MSU Alumnus of the Year Award


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This month our founder was recognized as the 2009 Mississippi State University Alumnus of the Year representing the College of Architecture, Art & Design. The annual awards banquet honored the university’s College Alumni of the Year.

The MSU Alumni Association recognizes outstanding service and dedication to MSU, professional achievement, and leadership through Recognition Programs. The College Alumni of the Year program recognizes alumni who have made a significant contribution to human or institutional progress in which a situation, institution or movement has been materially changed for the better because of their participation. The award recognizes the achievements of outstanding alumni whose personal lives, professional accomplishments and community service best exemplify the mission of Mississippi State University. Ben Jenkins was specifically highlighted for his creative and business accomplishments at such a young age and also attended a round table discussion with Alumni association presidents, MSU president Dr. Mark Keenum, and the athletic director Greg Byrne. On Saturday Ben was recognized at the MSU vs. Arkansas Men’s Basketball game at Humphrey Coliseum.

Graduates being honored by the separate academic units include (by hometown):

College of Education
Joe Ray Underwood (’67, ’68)

College of Arts and Sciences
Larry R. Grillot (’68)

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Charles Randy Dismuke (’77)

College of Business
Richard H. Puckett (’77)

College of Architecture, Art and Design
Benjamin “Ben” T. Jenkins (’96)

Bagley College of Engineering
Danny J. Windham (’81)

College of Forest Resources
Charles Eddie Thaggard (’83, ’87)

College of Veterinary Medicine
Cassandra Vaughn (’88)

Editorial Department



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