The Dialogue of Brand Building

Christine Edgington

Strategy Director & Partner

You build a brand with a dialogue not with a statement. By having an open conversation with your users, you show them WHO you are as a brand. This is pretty difficult to do in a 30 second commercial. Why?? Because you can't build trust and rapport through one quick connection with your brand. While this gives them a glimpse into your product, this should only be the gateway to learn more and begin their relationship with the brand.

Depending on the industry, the level of trust needed to gain clients varies, and trust requires an ongoing investment in the people you are selling to. It is about fostering a long term relationship but most importantly it begins to separate the sincere from the insincere. It also begins to create a level of loyalty to your brand that becomes more and more difficult for other brands to sever.

For the genuine brands with genuine things to offer their customers, communication like this comes with ease (not without hard work, but actually talking to your customers shouldn't be painful). Using social engines like Facebook, Twitter and Vine to show people little snippets of their brand and personality. This starts to build a complex web in peoples mind that becomes the definition for your brand.

I am asked so many times, how do we show someone WHO we are as a company (as opposed to just what we do). You show people who your company just like you show someone who YOU are as an individual. When you introduce yourself to someone new, you have a concentrated amount of information. Then as you move into friendship, you have a series of small interactions that eventually build who you are on a deeper level to that friend. It is a lot easier to have a good first impression, than be a phony person for 5 years. So as a company, talk about your product as if it was a person, then start the conversation with the world. Not happy with what you see in the mirror? Do what you would do before a first date… clean up the graphics, refine your message, make sure your whole team is working together on who you are, then start a real relationship with your customers. Once you do this, you start to build a separation in people's minds from your competitors and become a little more irreplaceable with every conversation.

Christine Edgington

Strategy Director & Partner



becoming a client.

Through many years of experience, and quite a bit of soul searching, we have found a way to live lives that help us generate our best work. It's why we look so happy in pictures. Our dedication to exploration and being uncomfortable keeps us inspired, constantly expands our world-view, and brings us mindful rest to refuel and rejuvenate our creative thinking. To find the balance between long immersive journeys and having the proper time to craft our work… we limit the number of clients we work with annually to fit within our 9 month work season. We also work hard to work with people who also share a healthy outlook on work and life. Having the right clients (not just big ones) is critical for not just enjoying our work, but generating brands that matter and endure over time. Brand building is mentally draining, in a great way, when you have a healthy working relationship with the people on the other side of the table. We expend all of our energy into making new things for people we work with. It requires trust and aligning what you want out of a partner with who we are. Different firms have different styles, different approaches, different goals, different values, and different definitions of success. We are just plain different on many levels. Finding the right fit can determine a lot about what we can create together. We hope we are a good fit for you. Send us a note and let's find out. We would love to hear about what ideas you need help bringing to life, or reinventing.  


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