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OFB's Warstic Wood Bat Co is heating up despite spending $0 for paid advertising to date. Recently Warstic Bat Co was featured by GQ Magazine in its BEST STUFF OF Article. Not a shabby recognition for a brand that was not even conceived until earlier this year. And following that, at the Park & Bond pop-up store in NYC where we let To try out a Warstic.

The blurb for Warstic reads "If Pujols met Warhol. Maybe you're the type of guy who plays in a baseball league and gets up early on Sunday mornings for BP. In that case, Warstic's boldly painted bats—made from northern white ash—are exactly what you need to keep your stick from getting lost in a pile of Louisville Sluggers. But even if you don't swing for the fences regularly, you can just mount one on the wall and tell friends it's your high-style home defense." 

Why is Warstic taking off? In many cases these days, brand design is the key differentiator between you and competitors. In fact, we built a little brand of our own just to prove how this works. We wanted to update everyone on our newest business venture.  Warstic Bat Co is a company we created completely from scratch to prove that good design, good branding and good web tactics can create a GOOD BUSINESS. And do it FAST. After naming, branding, designing the product, and launching our online store in April 2011Warstic has spread its wings.  Daily sales are up 300% above our year one goal.  We also have evolved our line of products. Some of the latest bat designs are attached.
Check out all the free press Warstic has received…attached below. Amazing thing is we spent  $0 for this PR. Just proves that these days spending all your marketing dollars on advertising is not necessary. If you truly make a good, authentic product the word can spread via the web with just a small push on the special networking side. Especially if the design of the product is great. Good branding is key too;)  
Here is a shortlist of all the online features we could find as well as screenshots and clips from some of the traditional print features such as The Dallas Morning NewsThe Wall Street journal and Mens Journal. Not to mention a few kind words from Warstic fan ;)
Good article here from Central Track
Online features

Kinds words

"How could you possibly go wrong with a name like Warstic?  Warstic Baseball Bats ($80-$110) look fantastic, carry an awesome name and would look awesome on the field or the urban battlefield. Forged from Northern White Ash or Canadian Maple with straight grains selected for better performance and durability."

"Texas-based Warstic Wood Bat Co. have truly struck a chord among design-nerds & baseball fans alike with their signature bats. Check out all the sweet colors of these half-dipped bats! Warstic claims their bats are crafted for performance and feel. They believe that exudes confidence in any batter."

"Lovin’ the war paint down the side and the gold Warstic brand just above the handle. To me the bat exudes confidence which is all any player really needs. Check out the Warstic about page for a feel of who they are, once again, another reason why we may just given these guys a shot."

"If Jeter was swingin' with one of these Pantone Bats by Warstic he would have 4,000 hits by now.  Baseball players could use a little individuality out on the field, aside from the occasional shoe polished black beard they all tend to look... uniform (that's a play on words people, eh a poor one).  These finely crafted Ash wood Warstic bats will hopefully bring some color pop and big swings to your next game."

"From the name itself, the Warstic Wood Bat can easily intimidate a 260-pound pitcher and make him regret the day he first stepped in the mound. Made from the straight grains of Northern White Ash and Maple, the Warstic Wood Bats are available in every size, color, weight, and can even come with an engraving of the player’s name on the barrel. Undoubtedly, it’s still made from wood, but the Warstic Wood Bats are exceptionally developed and can really pack a punch. Now, baseball players won’t have to use steroids to smash a baseball out of the park."

ZeitgeistMag Zeitgeist Magazine 
"Even if we don't play baseball most of us own a baseball bat. We love these Pantone inspired bats"

PaddyJ1325 Patrick Johnson 
"@warsticbatco looking at your online catalog. Those are some nice looking bats. practically works of art."

Jake_Raymond33 Jake Raymond 
@warsticbatco gonna order my warstic this week. Using it for college fall ball. CAN'T WAIT!!!


Editorial Department



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