We keep things simple around here. But we thought we would take this chance to answer some frequently asked questions to help you get to know us better. 

Will OFB people speak at my event?

Yes, we like to get out and speak. Our founder speaks at many events but tends to cuss a bit. And our Director of Brand Strategy is also available to speak and tends to keep it pretty clean.

Have you ever merged with, been purchased by, or been affiliated with/by another creative company, firm, studio, or giant corporation?

No. We started from scratch. Never merged with anyone. Remain independent. And intend to stay that way. The people that started this thing, are still here and till do the work. 

Who is the perfect OFB client?

We seek clients, in any part of the world, who have a good product or experience offering but need better branding (or to establish a new brand), web presence, or branded campaign. We are more concerned with how good, not how big or how high profile. The perfect client is just someone who needs these services and seeks our expertise, is ready to sit down with us and do the hard work, and who is open to new possibilities. We have evolved beyond the role of advertising agency into the role of CREATOR of consumer products, places and intellectual content.

What Industries do you service?

In the past we have serviced many, many industries. But because we have been doing this for so long, we have a solid understanding about where we feel we make the most impact, and what type of work we enjoy the most. So these days tend to take more jobs in these industries: Hotel & Resort, Retail & Restaurant, Food & Beverage, Food & Beverage, and Manufactured Goods.  But If you are a potential client that does not fit into one of these industries, it does not mean we will not work with you. If you like our work, and think we are a good fit, lets talk about it. 

Is the Brand Exploration Camp really necessary? 

If you want great solutions to your branding challenges, yes. If you want us to guess, retread, repurpose, and throw things against the wall and see if they stick then no. But we won't work that way. We are good at the creative stuff because we know how to find the insights that lead to unique strategies and creative solutions. 

OFB builds Web sites right?  

Yes, we have been building web sites since 1998. But we are typically only interested in web jobs for our branding clients.  For us, we just don't see the line between brand and digital so it's a necessary part of building our clients identity. It is all the same part of creating good experiences for brands.  

How do you charge for your work?

We are not an a la carte shop. We don't work on retainer. We define the scope of work and tell you how much it will cost. You pay us a good chunk at the beginning, and then the rest as we go. More importantly, we DO NOT work by the hour. In fact we think the faster we come up with solutions you love, the more value you have for them. It's not about the labor we incur its about the value of our ideas and deliverables to you. OK, to be even clearer, we think determining our fees based on labor/time is just dumb. We make things that have real value. The value is in the effectiveness of these deliverables. We charge accordingly. If we take 30 minutes to design a brilliant logo is it really worth less than one that takes us 3 weeks? No, the answer is no. 
Will you provide 3 - 18 options for my new logo design?

Next question. 

Do you do interior Design?

We don't have one of those fancy certificates but we have designed many interiors and environments in our day. Again, just part of forging the aesthetics that create a brands identity. Let's just say we make YOUR interior architects job very easy. 

Who owns the artwork and files once projects are completed?

OFB does not license its work. Once completed,  and purchased, the work is owned by the client.  We simply retain the right to show the ideas, concepts, designs, and stories we created for clients in our portfolio. 

Will OFB respond to our RFP?

Sorry, probably not. Please the take the time to research the work of firms you think you would most like to work with. If we are one of them please give us a call. We will talk. We will price the work.  We want people to choose us for our expertise, talent, and experience not because we are the lowest bidder or give the best gifts. 

Does OFB own the Warstic Bat Co brand?

Yes, the answer is 100% yes. We concepted it, launched it, bootstrapped it, and run it still. This is our real life learning center for knowing what it is like TO BE THE CLIENT! It aint easy.

What is ONEFASTco…when is the store opening, why are you doing it?

ONEFASTCO is us doing what we do, for ourselves. That is, designing and making new things, branding them, selling them. ONEFASTco is an incubator and brand experimentation lab for us. Our plan is to design and develop brands based on the creative mobile worklife we live. We call that lifestyle LIVE SLOW MAKE FAST. Client work always comes first but we feel it's important to have a place to play and develop our own original concepts. It stretches the bounds of our creativity and teaches more about what our clients experience. We sell some OFB branded gear there now, and some merch based on the talks our founder gives. 

Does OFB work year round?

Nope. Our work season is September 1 thru June 1.  Read more about there here. 

Do you keep regular office hours?

Yes, 24/7. But we spend a good amount of our time working in the field, and traveling to see the more stuff.  We also do not require our staff to live in any specific city and very employee plans their work schedule and the flow of their work day.  We promise to communicate with you in a professional, convenient, speedy, and thorough manner. We also use an online project management system where we can collaborate and track projects with clients. We have clients in many parts of the globe and work with them seamlessly. 

Can we come over and check out the OFB digs?  

No sorry, we are a virtual company. A very REAL company indeed, but virtual when it comes to retaining conventional office space. And if you actually use the word "digs" we are going to hangup on you anyway. But you are surely could be invited to one our work studios, trailers, or campsites ;)

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becoming a client.

Through many years of experience, and quite a bit of soul searching, we have found a way to live lives that help us generate our best work. It's why we look so happy in pictures. Our dedication to exploration and being uncomfortable keeps us inspired, constantly expands our world-view, and brings us mindful rest to refuel and rejuvenate our creative thinking. To find the balance between long immersive journeys and having the proper time to craft our work… we limit the number of clients we work with annually to fit within our 9 month work season. We also work hard to work with people who also share a healthy outlook on work and life. Having the right clients (not just big ones) is critical for not just enjoying our work, but generating brands that matter and endure over time. Brand building is mentally draining, in a great way, when you have a healthy working relationship with the people on the other side of the table. We expend all of our energy into making new things for people we work with. It requires trust and aligning what you want out of a partner with who we are. Different firms have different styles, different approaches, different goals, different values, and different definitions of success. We are just plain different on many levels. Finding the right fit can determine a lot about what we can create together. We hope we are a good fit for you. Send us a note and let's find out. We would love to hear about what ideas you need help bringing to life, or reinventing.  


Keep Fast, and safe travels.


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