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HG Sply Co is a neighborhood restaurant and bar committed to serving a menu using all-natural ingredients. Their mission is for guests to get the most out of the food they eat for both enjoyment and energy to power their day. Balancing great flavor with natural, unprocessed foods, the team believes carefully curated ingredients through local sourcing (some of which come from their own garden) can make even the most wholesome dish taste indulgent. HG Sply Co. offers a fare of savory plates, bowls and classic cocktails in an open, casual atmosphere of contemporary rusticity.

When we first spoke to restaurateur Elias Pope about his concept, he wasn’t sure all the details of how to get there but he did know he wanted to change the way America eats. That sounds like a lofty goal for the first time restaurant owner even with his lifelong experience in the industry. It was our job to get him there. With the initial outline of a menu focusing on wholesome and well portioned bowls, he had originally envisioned something more similar to a sports bar; a fairly masculine atmosphere for post workout and healthy game day food. However, in our sessions we came to the conclusion it could be so much more. He knew from the onset, he didn’t want a single location restaurant but something that could impact communities all over the country. We had to build something bold with enough personality to be truly own-able but enough simplicity to adapt and feel like a neighborhood spot regardless of where it traveled.

First, we had to create a name we felt was powerful, easy to remember and on trend without fleeting appeal. With a focus on unprocessed food, we settled on HG Sply Co. Representing ‘hunt and gather,’ this allowed the company to start with a simple concept that could certainly grow and evolve over time outside of fad diets or nutritional movements.
Within the brand look and feel, we integrated very simple and subtle cues to the user about the restaurant’s approach. Using a simple slant in all our imagery, we show the combination of proteins to vegetables in a perfect balance for the needs of a guest. The integration of old photography was a nod to a simpler time for food with purpose and a small amount of hyperbole humor (note the man carrying a bear head).
With outstanding success of the initial location, HG looked to quickly expand into new markets and further define its brand in the context of multi unit. We were tasked with the story and messaging of how the successful HG Sply Co can now move forward with the initial goal of changing how America eats. At its center we had a simple and powerful guiding insight that led to the full brand book outlining the direction, philosophy and culture for the restaurant.  EATtoLIVEtoEAT.
Diet is temporary, vanity is boring, and rice cakes taste like tree bark. We are looking for a lasting lifestyle that isn’t about subtracting, starving and deprivation but rather changing the way we interact with the food we eat. It is a balance of nourishment for our bodies, flavor for our palettes and an environment that makes us want to stay late with great company new and old. This purpose driven balance makes what we do a full experience that begins even before someone steps in our doors, and ends long after they have left. We want to exist where important movements like “health food” and “farm to table” meet pragmatism. We believe healthy foods can give you the energy you need while sourced responsibly but also that dining is a ritualistic experience that is truly meant for revelry.
We want you to enjoy the food that helps you enjoy more of life.
Not motivated by trend, not moved by fads, we educate ourselves on both the timeless and the innovative. We want to aggressively seek what enhances our food, spirits and experience. We buy seasonally, from local farms, and grow our own herbs because it tastes better, because it makes wholesome savory and it is sustainable for our future. It’s the same reason we only use all natural beef, cook with healthful oils and use in house pressed juice and hand made syrups for our cocktails, it tastes better while it makes you feel better about the choices you make throughout the day. You can make anything taste good with a stick of butter on it, but it takes carefully procured ingredients to create dishes that simply don’t need it.
Our staff is paramount to how we work and who we are. We look for individuals who truly embody our philosophy of balance in the life they live. They are active. They are incredibly knowledgeable on food, sourcing and why we do things our own way. But above all, they have a genuine love of people, a heart for service that sets the tone for a relaxed and unintimidating experience for our guests.
We think the idea of a truly healthy life without limits is extraordinary, we just have a very simple way to approach it. By eating well sourced, unprocessed, properly portioned food, you can make the healthy choices in what you eat, easy and enjoyable. Perfection is not an attainable goal but rather a persistent need to push farther and break our own barriers to grasp at the life we want.
It is how we choose to live, hope you join us.
As HG continues to move into new markets, we act as a brand steward to guide and strengthen the brand in these uncharted waters; slowly inching towards their ultimate goal to change the world one bite at a time. 



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