TX Whiskey by F&R Distillery

TX Whiskey by F&R Distillery

TX Blended Whiskey is a craft spirit created at Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. in Fort Worth. It has been nationally heralded for it’s quality and unique flavor profile in the craft whiskey industry winning “Best American Craft Whiskey” and “Double Gold” among its accolades.

The team at Firestone & Robertson approached us with an interesting challenge involving two things we hold close to our hearts: whiskey and authentic Texas. The master distillers recognized while the nation could clearly identify the flavors that delineated Canadian from Tennessee or Kentucky, no one truly embodied what a Texas blended whiskey would taste like. With an almost poetic connection to our indigenous pecans, they had a remarkably smooth and tasty blend that made us instantly feel at home.There were no questions into the quality of what they had created, our job was simply for people to try it. During our branding sessions with the F&R team, we found a few key points of insight for our focus:

It had to feel like Texas. Not the kind of Texas someone who visits knows, but the people who truly live here and know the nuanced layers that it contains. As the market was beginning to see entrants that were simply referencing Texas (many of which were not even made here), we needed it to be own able. As it was a new brand, we knew we wanted it to be something that had unprecedented readability. From the showcase of the back bar to the crowded shelves of ‘craft’ whiskeys in liquor stores, we wanted the design to reach out and grab you by the collar. The whole team knew we wanted to do something that was unique yet scalable. Something that spoke to the love and care this true craft distillery put into every bottle they created.
Our recommendation and design kept the bottle graphics simple, clean and bold, using crisp letters for maximum readability retaining a level of intrigue. A canvas wrap and natural wood materials for the cork juxtaposed against the emblazoned TX and silver rim was a reference to the same rugged sophistication that makes Fort Worth so captivating.
The bottle top we saw as the opportunity to illustrate individual crafted bottles and create a one of a kind brand ritual to interact with customers. We concepted the idea to handcraft each bottle cap using recycled Western boots, wood and cork. Just as the flavor was unique, we wanted each bottle to be an individual piece of TX you could bring home no matter where you lived with its own story and beauty. No two bottles are exactly alike. We took this idea further recommending that patrons could bring in their old pair of boots to be made into their own signature case of TX Whiskey. To the strong credit of the F&R team, they actually found a way to engineer our design and even integrate customers into the construction process. We always like working with clients who are unafraid of the brand ideas that are truly unique, even if they are hard to execute.
We were also tasked with the creation of the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. logo. Upon first meeting Leonard and Troy, you know they are the real deal. With crisp collars, well-worn boots and a friendly tip of their cattleman shape hat, they embodied the genuine people of Fort Worth. In contrast to the simplicity of the TX brand mark, we wanted something inspired by boots and old world Texas typography. You can see the designs below: 
We highly recommend that each and every whiskey lover out there come to Fort Worth and take a tour of the F&R Distillery. More info about the distillery and about how they make whiskey can be found on their website frdistilling.com  



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