Warstic Bat Co

Warstic Bat Co

All Branding firms say they know how to make and or build a brand. Branding these days goes beyond strategy, naming, identity design and messaging. Its really about the invention of the entire real-time experience of a business. So we wanted to prove we could go all the way. Warstic Bat Co is a business venture launched entirely by OneFastBuffalo. We design, make, brand, and sell these bats. It's a real business that is over 5 years old now. In other words we are doing for ourselves what we often do for clients....concept, plan, build and launch brands. We wanted to prove that good branding starts with making good stuff. Stuff worth talking about.  Brand Story and Identity are part of the story. 

Not only did we concept the strategy for the company, name the company, develop the messaging systems, design the brand, executed brand films, and build the eCommerce store...we designed the products and figured out how to manufacture them. IN THE USA!  With our founder's baseball background making wood baseball bats are a real passion for OFB. Hand craftsmanship, Design, and Great wood. In true OFB fashion we are remaking the rules of what a wood bat should look like.  

In 2017 we created a brand film for Warstic, that stars Ian Kinsler of the Detroit Tigers, Jack White, and Anthony Collins. Check it out.
Here is an alternative version, instrumental only!
 Learn all about the Warstic Warcry film here....
We first began our branding research with an in depth session locked away in a cozy lodge with the entire marketing team. We had long discussions on the resort's rich and interesting history, major points of growth and a vision for the future.
Jay Jurisich of the naming firm Zinzin posted a perfect (we think) description of what the Warstic Brand name means....

He writes....

"There are a handful of genuine wooden baseball bat brands, of which Louisville Slugger is the most famous. But the coolest bats have to be those made by the Texas-based Warstic Wood Bat Co. For Warstic, baseball is battle, and the drama played out at the plate between pitcher and batter is our modern samurai epic. Each Warstic bat features a unique “Wartip” color stain and a trademark “Warstripe” emblem, evoking the “war paint” of Native Americans. Warstic, however, plays it cool by not being over-the-top or in-your-face with the “war” and “battle” metaphors, as demonstrated by the spelling “Warstic,” which could even be the name of an obscure Polish batmaster, in lieu of the more obvious — and less interesting — “War Stick.” Mainly, the brand conveys a heightened state of mind, one of Zen-like concentration in the middle of the heat of battle, evoking “The Art of War” more than war itself. In their very name, Warstic knocked it out of the park. "

View the post here on his site. And thanks Jay for understanding us ;)


Also, The good folks at sportrabbit.com wrote a great review of Warstic a while back and we think it proves that good branding and making good stuff works.
"YOU GOTTA LOVE THE INDIES. The little guy fighting to make it, the little dog in the fight. Warstic is the little dog. Volume wise, they’d be in the Pomeranian range. But mindset wise, they’re somewhere between a Mastiff and Clifford the Big Red Dog. They take pride in this imbalance, and ask those who swing their bats to do the same. They’ve managed to do something to the woodbat realm that hasn’t been done in a while- differentiate themselves, thanks to the ‘Wartip’ finish on their bats, where just the last 8″ or so of the bat is finished, and instantly, from across the ballpark, you know what kind of bat is being swung. This rates fairly high on the marketing cool scale, but me being a fundamental baseball guy, you need the meat to back it up, or you’d be Nike Baseball. There again, Warstic delivers. They offer some premium Ash and Maple bats, with customizable options up and down the bat, which is something all of us neurotic ballplayers can appreciate. Barrell size, handle thickness, handle shape, over a dozen stain color options, and the full range of sizes to accommodate every spot in the lineup. Do yourself a favor and check out the Raven Foot and War Buffalo models- very cool. These bats range from $65 to the basic Ash all the way up to $122 for the manliest Maple."
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